А как вас зовут, извините? (vityokr) wrote,
А как вас зовут, извините?

Broom of the system

Max loved this book, so I made an honest effort for roughly 100 pages (or something like that in epub). Unfortunately it just didn't work for me - plot is going nowhere, feels extremely self-obsessed & the humor was mostly lost (I could tell that the author is making an effort but just didn't seem funny). This is a shame because the writer is really someone I wanted to like. Maybe 15 years ago I would make more of an effort but now I just move on.
I really could not understand what was going on but author's political leaning were very apparent (mostly that very rich people are bad).
I also suspect he is not the first to have written this, but Shteyngart's last book - where he spends scores of pages describing lust of 40yo guy  after a 20-something girl - "how can this beautiful young creature find anything attractive in old, pathetic, ugly git like me" now seems very derivative. Either way I find this boring.
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