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А как вас зовут, извините?

The first 20 minutes

I have no idea how this book showed up on my Kindle (ie where I read its recommendation) - but I gave it a try.
In the end it just made my head spin. The author could have summarized the entire book in 3-4 pages. Instead she devotes a different chapter to various aspects of living healthy (ie working out & sports nutrition) but in an very boring way. The problem here is actually a trend I notice - Selfish Reasons to Have More Kids did the same thing .

90% of each chapter is devoted to description of various scientific studies. Which university set it up, when, how many participants, what they looked for and ultimately what they found. I call it 'meta research porn'. For someone who is a real study geek it would be a motherload. But guess what - I don't give a shit about how clever these scientists were or how they failed to find something that people had considered obvious for ages. I simply want results. Relegate all that boring science crap to the appendix - the bok will be just as fat, but I could save time reading it.

Unfortunately the book gets too excited describing all these studies so I failed to really take away anything away aside from the following:
1)  Any kind of sports fad that seems faddish is likely to go away soon, so don't bother with it. Ie Atkins diet, over drinking, stretching before workout, etc, etc. Expect a new study will come and debunk it.
2) Working out is very good for you - on a cellular level. Ie people who work out have the insides of their cells reconfigured. So the out of shape people have health problems not just because they are fat (with all attendant issues) - but because their whole bodies are worse for it. Fat here is also a symptom for lack of workout.

3) You can work out very quickly, if done to the max. Some study showed that 10 minute workouts (being pushed to the max) were as effective as 2 hour ones.

Overall there was so much detail that I would actually like to read a cliffnotes version of the book, would be more effective.

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