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А как вас зовут, извините?

Review of London Low-Costers

There are three major low cost airlines that operate ouf of London. I will briefly describe them in order of preference:

1. Monarch Air - best one.

  • Seats recline

  • You can take 23kg on board (for a fair fee over 20kg)

  • Do not require online check-in / printing of pass

  • Allow 2 pieces of carry-on luggage - total weight 10kg

2. Easyjet - fair middle

  • Seats don't recline

  • 20kg max weight

  • One piece of carryon

  • Do not require online checkin

3. Ryainair - avoid at all costs.
If there is any chance of flying with another airline, I avoid them

  • Seats do not recline

  • Require online checkin - huge fine if you do not bring printed pass to the airport

  • Small luggage limit (don't remember exactly what)

  • Charge credit card fee PER PASSENGER

  • One carryon item

One thing I would say is that Ryanair make majority of their profits from various fees. Ie - they try very hard to fuck the passengers and extract fees. It feels like them getting you on the plane is like casino giving out free drinks - just a pretext to a really fleece you by others means. I consider this practice abhorent and try to stay away - not worth the mental anguish.
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