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А как вас зовут, извините?

Question to those who read (and still remember) the Great Gatsby

I read the book a long time ago (probably in HS) and have very vague recollection of what happened. Yesterday I watched the movie - very well done. I still find Dicaprio to be a few levels below great actor (the likes of Norton or Bale in his generation) but the overall production was superb.

Now - what was made clear in the movie (and I do not remember in the book - but I could have just missed it being a teenager who just learned to read English a couple of years before), is that Gatsby's drive is really not after Daisy but settling scores with the rich that he hates but always aspired to (represented by Buchanan). If he simply wanted to be with Daisy, he would just take her away. But that's not enough - he wants her to humiliate Buchanan and tell him that she never loved him. His love for Daisy is just the final point of establishing himself as the man he wanted to be - something money alone can not buy. And the plan unravels because she wouldn't go the last bit.

So - does anybody remember if this is just this director's interpretation or it is in the book (but perhaps not as explicit)?
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