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А как вас зовут, извините?
Ski Gear Feb-14 
12th-Feb-2014 06:51 pm
I'm a gearhead. I love gear and gadgets - really enjoy the feeling of having the right set of tools for the job (or being appropriately dressed when it's super-fucking cold and windy on the slopes and I don't feel a thing).

Decided to write down the gear I'm using now - as most of these things went through a few rounds of trials and changes. If you have questions about any of these items - feel free to ask.

Gloves - Hestra Ski Cross - BackCountry
Pants - Arcteryx Stinger Bib - Moosjaw
Jacket - Arcteryx Alpha SV - Moosejaw
Helmet - Salomon Hacker (blue) - physical store
Goggles - Anon M2 - Backcountry
Skis - 168cm long, 75mm wide
Backpack - Salomon Quest 15 - EU web site
Boot Warmer
  Sidas Pro Set Warming System
Mid Layers
  Base layer - duofold tshirt
  1st thin warm layer
  2nd warm layer - a bit thicker
  3rd warm layer - either wool or puffy vest
Thermal underwear
  Icebreaker 260 base layer
  2nd warm layer

Not recommended - Intuition Power Wrap. Was very uncomfortable and hard on my feet, lost 3 days trying to break it in.

Apparently the boots I bought at the end of last season in London are too big for me. They were my size - 26, but apparently you usually buy a size smaller.
13th-Feb-2014 05:10 am (UTC)
Надо с ссылками давать, для ленивых.
13th-Feb-2014 11:52 am (UTC)
It's more notes for self - that I figure might be useful to few people who care. They can go through the whole 'highlight, right click, google search' :)
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